Sunday, October 9, 2011

Campus Equity Week is October 24-28, 2011

Ok-so that cool photo up at the right is from Well done guys.

And, in that spirit, what are you doing for Adjunct Equity week? I mean, insofar as you know that ejicashun and gud jobs don't go together like they shud? I suggest:
1) Making this known to you full-time faculty colleagues, who generally don't know about adjunct/contingent trends or conditions: if they knew, they would surely help out. 
2) Wearing a loudly informative hat and/or t-shirt, such as those available through the New Faculty Majority web store. You can get stuff printed with Higher Ed Hand, or Fair Trade in Education.  There's a nice bumper sticker too: ADJUNCTivitis is a social JUSTICE diseasethought I think maybe the printing on it should be clearer. BTW, have any catchy slogans? 
3) Organizing an informational meeting with your union, if you have one, or with your faculty senate or other faculty organization if possible, or just getting everybody to shut down the college or university for a couple of weeks until you get your point across.

And here are other places for other ideas-

(Events from 2009, plus many helpful sample documents)