Friday, May 25, 2012

Cosmetic Improvements in Higher Education

The other day I posted an appreciation of the United Sates Army War College's view of their faculty. Now, by way of continuing this new project, which aims to recognize institutions who really understand the central importance of faculty, this award goes to the Fountain of Youth Academy of Cosmetology.

Way to go FYAC!

"Our faculty," according to their website, is that worthy institution's "heart and soul."

This is the sort of thing all faculty need to hear every now and then. Check here for another group that understands the needs of the nation's higher ed faculty.

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Pause, In Our Campaign

I am just now returning from Ypsilanti, in which municipality I had been contracted, as a sword swallower and acrobat, for a show in front of a mighty and now thrice-assembled troop campaigning for the Future of Higher Education.

This went well.

But now, putting aside anything attached to the mere artistry of my performance, which is always intended merely to dazzle and divert, I felt inclined, shortly after the port engine of our plucky little Brazilian Microjet 8700  went bad (I may have the wrong model info here),  to think about this and that and the other thing by way of the everlasting values of a  liberal education. 

Cringe not, dear reader, but instead ask yourself. I mean, when you're ready: Whence, friends, the strength that carries us through the weirdly unmoored sensations that wooze through us during those unplanned landings—I mean, especially those—of our too-short careers, though ok, maybe not always through our sentences, if that's what I mean.