Tuesday, February 24, 2015

There are not enough Pies in this World for the Faces of Our Higher Education Hypocrites

I have no idea why this thought entered my rankled mind, today, on the eve of National Adjunct Walkout Day, but we must work with what we're given, and a few candidates for the silent (film) treatment are immediately apparent. 

 However, I will not name these. This is because the Taylor Law expressly forbids New York State public employees—and many of us are among that crowd—from such things. In New York, and in other states one also confronts these problems, public employees are not to engage in any sort of strike or other “concerted stoppage” of work, and regular work, I suppose, would not get done during the time it would take to fling a pie into the face of your favorite local higher education hypocrite.
And it’s so hard to get into pie-throwing range of the national higher ed leaders, so it’s best we just drop this right now.
For the moment, then, I just hope everyone will have a very pleasant and productive NAWD, and I’ll be following events as best I am able, and participating in this or that one, at Fordham University, Westchester Community College (SUNY), and/or LaGuardia Community College (CUNY).
More later.